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CryptArmageddon is an encryption suite which will contain elements from previous projects (CryptoPGP, HideAndSeek) and even more features like Block Encryption and File Upload-Download for easy sharing.


Purpose: Encrypt Text messages And Files!

Encryption method: Symmetric Block Ciphers

Available algorithms: AES-256-CBC





Encryption Key: Generate a strong random key OR write your own.

Multiple Encryption: You can encrypt your data with more than one algorithms. Create a list of those algorithms!

Export-Import: You have the ability to export and import: The Algorithm List

The Encryption Key

The combination of Key and List

Share Files: You can share your encrypted files manually OR you can upload them to Cloud. To do this you must register a Cloudinary account (paid or free).

Requirements: .NET Framework 4.5

Virus Free


CryptoPGP is an asymmetric encryption manager.


Purpose: Encrypt Text messages!

Encryption method: Asymmetric Cipher

Available algorithms: RSA

Available Key Length: 512 - 16384 bits

Encryption Keys: Generate your Private-Public key pair choosing the key length and a password to secure the Private key.

Export-Import: You can Import both Private and Public keys. You can Export-View only Public keys.

Virus Free


Our Websites Description
Paranoid-Chat Terminal style Chat with AES-256-CBC Encryption.
Paranoid-PGP Online client side RSA key pair Generation-Encryption-Decryption max key size 8192 bits. Note that CryptoPGP is faster and with max key size 16384 bits.
Interesting Websites Description
Protonmail Email with end to end encryption and 2 passwords (account + mailbox)! Temporary - Disposable email. Temporary - Disposable email.
PasswordsGenerator Generate passwords with max length 2048 chars-numbers-symbols.
HowSecureIsMyPassword Password strength checker.
Kaspersky Password Password strength checker.
PasswordMeter Password strength checker.
Haystack Password strength checker.
Passive Aggressive A very funny password strength checker.

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